VIII The couple of justice


Represents the perfect union, the fusion, truth, beauty and the utmost stability. This card resonates with the POINT OF JUNCTION  -POINT OF PRIMAL SOURCE – the beginning of all – the BIG BANG that represents the SON, the CRISTIC ENERGY, the UNITY

Freedom is a battle gained through love and consciousness, as only LOVE can liberate Man from its unconscious nature and eliminates the beasts and with consciousness we acquire the necessary mastery to become masters of freedom, so that our deepest facets may be recognised with love and totally integrated in the light of consciousness.

The justice of men is relative and injustice only exists in the unconscious mind of the man. In the Universe everything is how it should be, in all harmony and balance.

Immanent justice is the only one that has the right to judge in all justice: it is inherent to the Universal Cycle, from the formation of the Universe.

We may feel this Divine Justice by placing the card on our POINT OF ETERNITY- Christic Point, (the sternon- between our breast) in continuous correspondence with the unitary point and harmonise with it. The wise man is the man of justice. Wisdom is a treasure to be discovered and then integrated