The teaching is composed by five iniciatic stages with their different steps,  symbolized by a major arcana, a real universal archetype.

Each stage, each step, each arcana will be studied and integrated in depth by also working on the rota that links and communicates each card with the neighbouring card  forming a real chain of union.

Each of the five Initiatic stages has its own purpose and a key phrase:

The first stage with its five steps and its five archetypes: is the stage of the initiated one on its path, it is the fundament of all work of consciousness.


The second stage is the stage of the great choices – individual and universal with its six steps – six archetypes


The third stage is the stage of THE TRIALS AND CHALLENGES that the initiated one needs to integrate – five steps – five archetypes


The fourth stage is the stage of INITIATION OF THE SUBTLE PLANES– three steps- three archetypes


The fifth stage is the stage of THE TIME OF THE CYCLE- ETERNITY Three steps- three archetypes


The number of cards – archetypes that compose each stage is related to a number, true revelation of the meaning of the mysteries of creation that will characterise each stage and its key phrase.

The final rota of all the stages and all the cards offers a final energetic tool of integrative work .

After integrating the five stages with their cards and having learnt the different spreads the time of the final culmination has arrived:


Through the different spreads and their interpretation and symbolism we will learn to transform all that belongs to the world of shadows of unconsciousness, all hidden issues INTO the light of consciousness. All those knots that are engraved in the depth of our unconscious mind under the form of fears, inhibitions, and blockages may now be transformed in total respect of your own identity into freedom and the expression of plenitude and joy.

There is an answer to each question, each doubt opening towards a new direction with and final solution.


They represent the subtle language of creation within their kingdom.

The energetical capturing of each stone in conjunction with the corresponding card is a real work of alchemy. A real gift of beauty and creation along with each archetype that emphasize the energetic work with each card at the time of introspection and meditation. They also accompany and empower each spread or reading.


Each cards corresponds also with a sacred geometric figure like an inspiring mandala that opens real doorways towards universality and allows to comprehend its content.


On each card there is the presence of a leading archetype under the form of a number that will be revealed at the time of the teaching. This allows the initiate to gain a different comprehension of the Universe.