III Eva Anastasia


Symbolizes the perfect woman and fully aware in this time of change for humanity. She embodies wisdom and mastery over matter. She teaches us how to live live in fullness, to be happy, to turn life into an art of living, to realize creations by opening our consciousness towards Universality and by sharing this beauty and creation.

The Art of Living consists in being happy and making others around us happy. Happiness is an act of consciousness and recognition. HAPPINESS IS NOT A COMPENSATION, ONE NEEDS TO DECIDE TO BE HAPPY. She also teaches us to be in the present time –  “THE KING OF ALL INSTANCES ”- allowing that the power of creation is put in service in all our actions..

Eve Anastasia will show us the laws of conscious creation, for only conscious creations generate works of consciousness that will projet themselves on the subtle planes, nourishing the geometric figures and assuring our permanence beyond our physical death.

The geometric figures that remain unnourished will not have a vibratory permanence in the subtle planes and will lose the possibility of permanence in eternity.