I El Caballero Baucens


Represents the conscious man, already initiated in spirituality and the awareness of it in this precise time of change for humanity. He will harmonize and master the forces for the benefit of the whole humanity, also representing the expression of the knowledge of the universal laws.

He indicates the path of engagement and how engagement engraves and mobilises the higher self indelibly, engaging the ONENES: the whole of oneself, one’s physical “I”, one’s psychic “Me” and one’s Spiritual self. Engagement can only be done fully aware, meaning that it is a total alchemical work of consciousness.

By enlarging our vision we may well say that the Sun is the higher self of the Earth, the Spiritual Self that animates the planet. Planet Earth’s engagement is to rise the energies from the core to the Sun through its different kingdoms: mineral, plant , animal and human gathering all the experiences of life of all living beings.

An engagement nourishes the geometric figure, which is the projection in the subtle planes of the outcome of works that we have accomplished on Earth. Each one has its own geometric figure according to what has been created in one’s life.

If we do not engage in any aspect during our life we will not create anything in our geometrical figure and we won’t have “fuel” in order to return to the Oneness, to go back home, to the Unity of the Creator and Eternity.